Sufism I

No one makes His way to God uder his own feeble power,

Whoever walks to His lane walks with His feet.

-- Maghrebi

"Sufism I" Book Cover

by Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh

Translated by William Chittick
and Peter Wilson

First Edition 1981

ISBN 0-933546-05-X


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This volume contains essays on the three principal concepts in the spiritual method and disciplines of Sufism. The first essay intrduces 'the science of Sufism', with definitions and explanations of Sufism selected from the writings of the classical Sufi Masters, as well as 53 explanations of the meaning of the term 'sufi' --including many definitions translated for the first time. The second essay explores the Sufi concept of knowledge (ma'refat), and explains the difference between knowledge imparted through revelation and that accessible to reason. The final essay examines the various esoteric meanings and hierarchical levels of Divine Unity (tawhid), the goal of the Sufi Path

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