Sufi Symbolsim VII

The world is like Mt. Sinai, and we are seekers like Moses;

Every moment theophany comes and shatters the mountain.

-- Rumi

Sufi Symbolsim VII - Cover

Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh

Translated under the supervision of
Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh by Terry
Graham in collaboration with
Neal and Sima Johnston

ISBN 0-933546-52-1

Aside from their unique poetic imagery, the Sufis also drew inspiration from spiritual techniques, practices and disciplines, the terminology of which constitutes the introductory chapter of this volume. One finds in the second chapter that there are a myriad descriptive types or modes of enlightenment in the Sufi lexicon, ranging from ‘theophany’ (both ‘ontological’ and ‘visionary’), to ‘visionary disclosure’ to ‘heart-vision’ to ‘presential vision’ — and, of course, ‘dreams’ — witnessed as ‘inner events’ by the Sufi mystic. The mysticism of family relationships in the lexicon of Ebn 'Arabi is the subject of another large chapter, which analyses the marvelous metaphysical dimensions within commonplace terms such as ‘Father’, ‘Mother’, ‘Son’ and ‘Doughter’. Insofar as the Muslim mystics also described themselves as ‘Servants’ of various Divine Names (traditionally some ninety-nine in number), the psychological and spiritual attributes of such servants are given careful explanation and commentary in a further chapter. The final chapter covers the science of spiritual genealogy, detailing Sufi terminology of initiatic succession and expounding the distinctions found among the various ‘Schools’ and ‘Orders’ of the Sufis.


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