Sufi Symbolism IV

If you go not towards him,

say truthfully, where can you go?

Everywhere you look is his domain and his lane.

-- Rumi

Sufi Symbolism-Volume Four cover

Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh

Translated by Terry Graham under
the supervision of Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh
in collaberation of Neil and Sima
Johnston and Ali-Reza Nurbakhsh

ISBN 0-933546-40-8


ButtonThe Natural World

This volume defines the meanings of flowers, lights, classifications of physical and spiritual places and positions, birds and other animals in Sufi poetry. One chapter covers the symbolism of alchemy, metals and another analyzes symbols concerning travel. The interior dimension of these objects and beings from the physical world is revealed through the source material cited by the author.

The general reader will be shown the metaphysical standpoint from which the Sufis behold the universe, and the scholar will be presented with great deal of material on those themes.

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