Classical Persian Sufism: from its Origins to Rumi

Every sort of praise marches on

behind the Light of God.

The praise of forms and persons

is all just gilt and fiction.

-- Rumi

Classical Persian Sufism: from its Origins to Rumi-Cover

Forworded by
Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh

Edited by
Leonard Lewisohn

First Edition 1994

ISBN 0-933546-50-5

ISBN 0-933546-51-3



ButtonLiterary and Historical Beginnings

ButtonSufi Masters and Schools

ButtonMetaphysics and Hermeneutics

ButtonLiterature and Poetry

ButtonDivine Love, Sainthood, Spiritual Disciplines
and Stations

ButtonSpiritual Chivalry and Malamati Spirituality

This book contains the proceedings of a conference organized by the Nimatullahi Order on "Classical Persian Sufism: From its Origin to Rumi", held at the George Washington University from 11-13 th May, 1992. The chapters in this book analyze such diverse themes as "Literary and Historical Beginnings", "Sufi Masters and Schools","Metaphysics and Hermeneutics", "Literature and Poetry","Divine Love, Sainthood, Spiritual Disciplines and Stations", and "Spiritual Chivalry and Malamati Spirituality". More than anything, this book is a revelation of the richness of the Sufi contribution to Persian culture, and captures well the mood of the mystics' meditative vision of Islam.

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